Fall Aesthetics: Five ways to style your oyster bowl

Fall Aesthetics

Five ways to style your oyster bowl 

By Sophia Himawari 


Many countries are headed back into a lockdown as the COVID-19 situation evolves. While we all face the possibility of being homebound rather than beach-bound, we don’t have to sit around dreaming about the glistening water and sand between our toes. With Plate Pillow’s new oyster bowl you can bring a little bit of the seaside right into your home! Handcrafted with polyresin the new oyster bowl comes in two gorgeous tones, both are versatile and can effortlessly become part of your home aesthetic. Here are five ways to style it! 


1. A tea and coffee bar companion 

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The oyster bowl is the perfect companion for your coffee bar, it can hold those specialty coffee capsules, your daily Splenda and even something to munch on while you have your coffee. Actually, it doesn’t even have to be coffee, throw in some tea bags in there if you’re trying to watch those caffeine levels!


2. Snack Bowl

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If you’re like me and love junk food, then the oyster bowl is a great size to hold those guilty treats! The bowl itself can hold about 90g of food items (that’s like 6 double stuffed Oreos by the way), which is a pretty sensible portion. And it makes your food look twice as good!


3. After dinner chocolate 

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Are after-dinner mints and chocolate still a thing? As a kid, whenever I had dinner at a guest or relative’s home, I always remembered being offered small little packets of mint or chocolate, or mint chocolate treats! The oyster bowl is small enough that you can fill it up with mint and add it right to your living room table. Style with some Plate Pillows bubble candles and you have the perfect evening aesthetic. 


4. Catch-all bowl  

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I’m going to be upfront about this: I’m a stationery addict. I have so many stationery items that the situation is sort of getting out of hand! I use the oyster bowl to catch those smaller stationery items that seem to float around everywhere (but are conveniently nowhere to be found when you need them). Or declutter your bedside table and vanity and use the oyster bowl to hold your everyday jewelry and throw in a few of those pesky perfume samples as well. Declutter and organize in style! 


5. An aesthetic statement piece 

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Our oyster bowl is certainly a statement piece that can stand on its own. Whether it is filled with jewelry, stationery items, or nuts and fruits, it brings its own flair and aesthetic. You can display it on your living room table, on your kitchen counter as a smaller fruit bowl, the possibilities are endless. 


Yes, I know, having one oyster bowl doesn’t bring the beach to you (maybe buy two?), but having it there can give your living space a bit of personality. A simple statement piece can welcome you into a room, into a meal and even into a productive flow. Indulge in your home, you have to live there after all! 


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