2021 Holiday Gift Guide

I can’t believe we are already gearing up for the holiday season but here we are! I don’t know about you, but I am super indecisive when buying things for myself, let alone try and shop for friends and family. And, if you’re anything like me then you spend hours and hours on gift guides to help you hone down on the millions of gift options out there. This season why don’t you allow Plate Pillows to help you treat your friends and family? Here are a few things that I know will make a wonderful gift for someone you care about! 

The Minimalist 

Plate Pillows’ geometric bubble candle doubles as a candle and a decorative piece (not to mention they smell incredible!) so any minimalist will be able to appreciate its simple aesthetic. The muted and neutral tones such as white, honey almond and even rust will add a quiet and abstract touch to any living room, desk area or night stand. 

The Stationery Addict 

I’m not even going to hold back here, and come out and say it: many of my Plate Pillows items have been sprucing up my study desk and I am living for it!! Almost anything will look good and feel functional on your desk but my personal favourite is the Oyster Bowl. My Oyster Bowl has been catching all my smaller and peskier stationery items that I have been reaching for often. You know, things like paper clips, scissors, erasers, washi tapes, fountain pen cartridges … and possibly more! So, if you know someone with cluttered desks (vanity desks count too!) then an Oyster Bowl will make a lovely addition to their home. 


The Maximalist 

I actually think I’m quite the maximalist because I simply don’t know when to stop shopping! I find that friends and family who have this preference tend to be easier to shop for because they thrive in the excess -- excess of beauty, of colour, of shape, or literally anything! You buy them something and they will find a way to display it, style and make it aesthetic -- honestly, it’s nothing short of a super power. The Nuage mirror paired with an Oullins coaster and a rust coloured bubble candle make a beautiful trio for absolutely any space. A mirror gives the illusion of space and depth in a room, especially when angled expertly. The gold rimmed coaster can be used to catch jewellry, perfume bottles or even cups. And, come on now, you know a maximalist will appreciate a good ol’ geometric bubble candle! 


The Coffee Enthusiast 

Is there a more aesthetic drink than coffee? I mean there are so many beautiful ways to drink coffee, so why not drink it in a beautiful cup? If you know a coffee enthusiast then they will surely appreciate having a Vézère to sip their morning coffee in. While you’re at it, why not pair it with one of our St. Cloud coasters? I simply adore that coffee spill when adding in the finishing touch of caramel drizzle or that milk foam! 


The Foodie 

I’m not just talking about your friends and family who enjoy eating food, but I’m also appealing to those who like to let their cooking do most of the talking! Fancy dishes need to be plated on something equally fancy, and our Midsummer Night and Midsummer Dream plates will look great on the dining table for absolutely any meal! 


There is certainly a joy and satisfaction in giving someone a gift, especially when those gifts are bought and put together thoughtfully. All of the items here at Plate Pillows are thoughtfully curated for an aesthetic and functional life, and I’m sure whatever you choose will become a special addition to someone’s life. Happy shopping! 

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